MPEC M-provements

MPEC M-provements

     The MPEC may be getting some major changes after City Council Members approved a $75,000 budget.

     The majority of funds will go towards hiring a consulting firm to help the MPEC increase revenue and decrease expenses.

     City officials want to find out what direction they should take to uncover the event Center’s route to success.

     It has been almost 20 years since the J.S. Bridwell Agricultural Center was completed in 1995.

   Since then, three more phases have been added to the MPEC located in Downtown Wichita Falls, but with advancing technology and environmentally cautious demands, improvements need to be done.

    “It's time to look at the facilities and get a determination as to how much needs to be done for future use,” said Bob Sullivan, the MPEC’s Executive Director.

     To do this the city is going to need some assistance, and that is where the consulting firm comes in.

     “It's going to layout strategies, policies and programs that we can tweak, improve or change,” said Jim Dockery, Wichita Falls Deputy City Manager.

     The consultants will give the city a strategy on how to maintain the facility adequately and efficiently by meeting needs of guests and utilizing tax payer dollars.

     “If we can keep the operation cost down to a minimum, that will certainly benefit the community as well,” said Sullivan.

     With attendance and concession sales down, revenue has dropped, and the city general tax is not able to fill the deficit gap any longer.

     City officials wonder why this is happening.

     So, they are getting a fresh look at what improvements need to be made by architecture consultants, food and beverage and marketing experts.

     Sullivan believes there is a role for the MPEC in the community.

     “We do 500 events a year here throughout these different facilities. I think there's something we can take a look at to really give the city council a blueprint as to how they can go forward,” said Sullivan.

     The kick-off meeting with the consulting firm will happen in January. Dockery said this process will last about 90 to 120 days, and he projects they will have a final recommendation in April of 2016.