Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Come this January United Way of Wichita Falls will be providing free tax assistance to low income individuals, those making under 62,000 a year. The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program was able to help around 3,000 Texans last year in the north Texas region.

Genevieve Anderson is the VITA Program Coordinator for the Wichita Falls area. While your Christmas list might be a top priority now Anderson said that it is not a bad idea to get a tax prep list together either.

"Everything that comes in the mail that says tax on it. If it has to do with social security if it affects your life financially it should go in that tax folder and be brought in so we can have access to everything you might need. That includes social security cards for anyone who might be on your return is another thing we need to photo ID of the primary return filers," said Anderson.

Part of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program is to recruit actual volunteers. Anderson said she is working around the clock to ensure that volunteers in the local community are able to volunteer enough time to help make an impact for low income individuals.

The United Way will begin offering their Free VITA program to low income individuals beginning January 26th, 2016. It is advised that you call ahead to make an appointment before hand. If you would like to be a volunteer, you can contact the North Texas United Way Office at (940)322-9888.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6