MSU: Mustang's Stadium?

MSU: Mustang's Stadium?

     Midwestern State University is giving students more space for sports, and it is all possible thanks to students who voted for a tuition fee passed last spring.

            This tuition fee could possibly help the university build a new stadium.
            There has been talk about building a stadium on campus, and MSU President Suzanne Shipley said a new stadium will bring life to the campus and enhance school spirit.
            Of course a major project like this takes time and money to make happen. So for now,  the university is helping students take a break from studying and class by adding two turf fields and two basketball courts for free-play.                 
            They are also adding turf to the softball field so it can be used for intramural sports, but none of this would be possible without approval from the students.

            “Students asked to have a fee that they could pay to provide them better venues for intramural and athletic fields and places to play,” said MSU Vice President of Business Affairs and Finances Marilyn Fowlé.

     This six dollar credit hour fee is going a long way. The tuition fee will pay off the university's master lease with the state overtime, and by the end of two years MSU will have an extra $400,000 a year.

            “If you took the $400,000 or $500,000 a year and let's say you bonded it like a mortgage, you could finance up to $6.5 million over 20 years with that money,” said Fowlé.

     This $6.5 million could be used towards a stadium at no additional cost to students.

“They're already paying that fee. It could afford a $6.5 million contribution to a stadium without paying a dime more than what they are right now.”

     MSU President Suzanne Shipley said a project like constructing a stadium takes time.

“We're buying ourselves time to make those decisions and talk to the community about what we prefer to do,” said President Shipley.

     She adds it will add to student’s college experience, and will be worth the wait.     

“When you walk across campus and you hear a ball hitting a bat or you here cheers from football or the band practicing, you feel like you're on a university campus,” said President.
            She said another way give MSU that university fill is having more students live on campus.
            President Shipley said right now only a third of the student body does live on campus and she would like to see this number jump to about half.

       She believes the new fields and possible new arena could make this happen, and she hopes to see a stadium on the MSU campus within the next five years.

    The turf is currently being put down at the Mustang’s softball field and the others will be done in the spring.  

            This job takes about two months to complete, but it will save the university money because it doesn't have to be replaced for up to ten years and it never has to be watered.