WFISD:Cleaning House

WFISD:Cleaning House

           Wichita Falls Independent School District is cleaning house.

           Board members agreed to terminate their custodial service contract with Aramark Management Services.

           Dale Harvey, WFISD Board of Trustees Vice President, said both parties have agreed to the separation.
            “It’s obvious there have been some problems in several campuses. We've had several issues with Aramark and they've all been communicated,” said Harvey.                    

           WFISD said the lack of communication was a major obstacle with Aramark, and board members will not let this happen with the new custodial company, GCA Services Group.

            “If there are any issues with the new vendor, we need to identify them quickly so we are able to solve those issues quickly,” said Harvey.

            The solution is going to have a larger price tag. The new company is going to charge the district about $30,000 more a month, and the annual increase will total about $350,000.

            Harvey said, even though it's going to cost more he thinks the value will be worth it.  

            This move will not only benefit the district but the community as well.

            GCA is hiring four managers and 110 workers and the company is currently vetting employees. 

            “It's good for the community and it’s good for us, because our main priority is to get this straightened out. We're worried about doing the right thing for the students and the parents of this community,” said Harvey.

            Those who were previously working for Aramark have been offered jobs with the new company.

            GCA representatives said they have worked with WFISD from 2007 to 2012, and Vice President Harvey said he is looking forward to working with the company, yet again.

            He also said his main focus is the students.

            “Our main responsibility is to keep these schools clean. You want healthy students, if you aren't a healthy student you aren't going to learn properly,” said Harvey.

             We reached out to Aramark and the company said it is in everyone's best interest to end the business relationship under mutually agreed terms.

            Aramark's last day will be on January 15th and GCA's contract agreement will begin on the 18th.

            Aramark said it will be working with the district to ensure a smooth transition.

            Danielle Malagarie Newschannel Six