Electra Turmoil

Electra Turmoil

            Electra City Commissioner's make some big decisions at Tuesday night's board meeting.

            Chief of police, City administrator and City Attorney were all named.

            A lot of members of the Electra community came out in hopes of hearing final decisions on the fulfillment of these city jobs, and effective immediately Michael Dozier has been named the official Chief of Police, Steve Bowlin will be the city administrator and Bruce Harris the City Attorney.

            The new Chief of Police Michael Dozier said he is ready to take on his new role.

            “I’m ready to get started, looking forward to the new year. We ended the year on a positive note, are going to start the new one on a positive note too,” said Dozier.

            This positive note is having a positive effect on the citizens of Electra.

            Dozier said the Electra Police Department has made a lot of arrest and recovered thousands of dollars of property in the last couple of months.

            Dozier’s goal is to bring Electra back to what the city once was.

            “We just want to be a proactive department, and we want to serve the community and we want to try to pull together,” said Dozier.

             The new City Administrator Steve Bowlin agrees.

            “We need to be able to work on our infrastructure. We have goals in mind of how to take care of some of these things. One thing we want to do is become financially able to do these things that need to be done, and that's my goal is to get the financing together,” said Bowlin.

            He adds his new official title will not change these goals or his performance.

            “We will continue on like we have been doing. I came in here as an interim with the intent of doing the job as a regular city administrator, and I'm going to continue to do that,” said Bowlin.

            Another issue tackled by Electra commissioners was their decision to accept two recall petitions to get Kevin Bryd and Ricky Kelly off the board.

             The petitions were verified by 163 signatures. Commissioners Byrd and Kelly have seven days to resign or an election will be held in may see if they will be removed or stay on the board.

            Bowlin and Dozier both thanked the citizens and the commissioners for the opportunity to serve the city of Electra.

            Also, during the meeting a citizen asked if Electra will be changing their election date from May to November, similar to Wichita County.

            City administrator Steve Bowlin said, this is something they are considering, but for now the election will continue to be held in May.   

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