Many Without Power In Electra

Many Without Power In Electra

     Power outages are impacting residents throughout the city of Electra. Monday, city officials gathered to create a plan to alert residents that power may not be restored to the area for another three to four days.

 “We're trying to notify the residents of Electra of what services are available where the evacuation shelters are at and what they can do if they have medical problems and things like that,” said Jon Reese, Fire Chief with the Wichita Falls Fire Department.

Reese said the team will spend the night going door-to-door notifying nearly 4,500 residents of their options.

“Western Farmers Electric Cooperative (WFEC) is in contact with leaders here in Electra,” said Reese. “They just don’t have a definitive time. They are working around the clock to try and restore it.”

It means residents will not only be in the dark but without heat and other resources.

“We've got about 99 percent of the city without power and they've been without power for 24 hours now,” said Reese.

However, with the help of the planning team, water is being gathered and a command post is set up. Officials are hoping to keep residents warm and give them peace of mind.

An American Red Cross shelter and a feeding station have been set up at the Electra Community Center. The shelter is located at 501 East Roosevelt.
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