New Year's Eve Safe Celebrating

New Year's Eve Safe Celebrating


            Many glasses will be raised tonight celebrating the New Year, and when the party ends and it is time to make your way home, Skylark Taxi and Big Daddy's towing in Wichita Falls are helping you get there.

           From midnight to two in the morning, Skylark is offering free taxi rides and Big Daddy's will tow your car for free if you are going anywhere in Wichita Falls.

     Valerie Malone, Attorney at Loncar Associates in Wichita Falls, said to take advantage of these options.

            “You have a free option versus an option that will not only cost you thousands of dollars, but the guilt and the amount that you will cost somebody else will be astronomical,” said Malone.

     She said injuries from drinking and driving are often devastating for families.

            “They have medical bills these folks lose time from work they don't have their vehicle you know how are they going to get their children to school how are they going to get to work even if they can,” said Malone.

     Malone adds the victim is not the only one who suffers.

            “When somebody wakes up from being drunk and they realize what they've done that's just as tragic on that side as the loss on the other side,” said Malone.

            Regret is not the only thing those who drive drunk may have to deal with.           

            There are a lot of surcharges and court cost. You also risk the chance of losing your license,and there is potential jail time,” said Malone.

     Kevin Callahan, President of Skylark Taxi, said he has seen first-hand the effects of drinking and driving.

            “We had close personal friends who lost their lives because of that, and it's just something that we believe as a family that we can do to make our community a little better,” said Callahan.

            That is why offering this free service means a lot to him. 

            Callahan said if Skylark Helps save just one life, then the cost of free rides is worth it.

            He wants to remind people you do have to be picked up from a bar or nightclub and taken straight home, since the company's goal is to get people to their house safely.

             According to TxDot Officials, during the 2014-2015 Christmas Holiday Season (Dec. 1, 2014 to Jan. 1, 2015), there were 2,411 alcohol-related traffic crashes in Texas, resulting in 190 serious injuries and 110 fatalities. 

            State Troopers and local police officers said they will have more units out patrolling tonight, and they want to remind people to use these free services, have a designated driver or just stay where you are.

            Others need to remember they may be sharing the road with impaired drivers.