New Year's Apps

New Year's Apps

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Digital mobile phone apps could help make sure that sticking with a New Year's Resolution doesn't have to be hard. There are plenty of apps available to help with dieting, saving money, finding a new job and even learning a new language.

If you're trying to watch your weight and eat healthier alternatives for your everyday meals then the app "Fooducate" can help with that. After downloading you can use this app to scan bar codes on food products and learn not just the nutritional facts but also learn if there are healthier alternatives. The app also has an exercise and a calorie count tracker.

For those looking to quit a bad habit like smoking, over-spending, over-drinking, or over-eating the app "Quit That" could be what you need. After filling out some basic information the app starts a timer for users to keep track of their success. If the habit you're trying to kick is costing you financially, the app also has a financial timer that helps you calculate how much money you're saving by quitting your minor addiction.

If you're trying to expand your cultural understanding by learning a new language then try using "Babbel" to talk in a new tongue. The app allows users to select a language or languages and then select how much or little they want to learn about the new dialect. The app helps users by allowing to take multiple, tiny lessons a day learning everything from simple words to full phrases and sentences.

All these apps are completely free so for people looking to spend less in 2016 don't worry these apps won't cost a dime to install.

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