Open Carry Begins

Open Carry Begins

Open carry is now legal in the State of Texas, and some local businesses in Wichita Falls are welcoming those who chose to open carry.

“As far as them coming in the store, I think it is their choice. I'm not going to stop them or say anything about it,” said Paul Morgan owner of Net Audio.

 Owner of Willie's Place William Harmon feels the same way.

“I don't disagree with any of the carrying laws, the ones that I've read. I fully agree, it's your right,” said Harmon.  

Although some people are ringing in the New Year by openly carrying, others are concerned.

“We probably need to be careful who we allow to carry guns just based off of their history and any mental health issues that may be present,” said Sarah Hernandez.

When asked if she would stop going to places that allow open carry, she said she will not let fear control where she goes.

Others feel the complete opposite and said they feel establishments that do not allow people to open carry could become targets.

Many gun owners said they feel like they themselves could become targets if they do open carry.

“When you first walk into a restaurant or a business planning on doing something that you're not supposed to do the person carrying a gun out in the open is the first target,” said Harmon.

Terry Smith said he disagrees with this.

“Somebody might think I don't want to do anything because there's five people here open carrying,” said Smith.

Those who choose to openly carry need to remember there are still places you cannot go.

Wichita Falls Police Department reminds gun owners to look for signage and remember firearm laws.

Some places where guns are still not allowed are schools, courtrooms and businesses that receive at least 51 percent of its revenue from alcohol sales.

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