Open Carry Wichita County

Open Carry Wichita County

Not all doors are open to open carriers, and that includes those of the Wichita County Court System.

Commissioners voted this morning to include the Arthur R. Tipps Juvenile Justice Center, Justice of Peace Offices and Wichita County Courthouse Annex as court premises.

“This county deemed these courthouse building and hallways in all the offices are court related that way they can keep the firearms out of all the buildings themselves,” said Wichita County Sheriff David Duke.

Many of these buildings are filled with lawyers, jurors and other court officials and law enforcement.

These establishments are also where inmates are booked in, adult and juvenile defendants meet with their probation officer and where regular and teen court is held.

He adds, court related cases and situations that take place in these buildings can be emotional and stressful.

Sheriff Duke said if you do bring a firearm to any of these buildings you will be in violation of the Texas penal code that prohibits weapons on the premises.

“Be aware of the security issues in different building that you're going into that causes a problem,” said Sheriff Duke.

He said he does not think this is going to be an issue, but advises those who choose to carry to have their license on them.

“They need to learn weapon retention to keep that firearm safe while it’s on their person,” said Sheriff Duke.

He adds being mindful of everyone's well being is the key.

“Be proficient in the shooting of a firearm and know how to use it safely keep it away from kids and people who don't need to be around them including mentally impaired people,” said Sheriff Duke.

The banning of firearms also includes the city precinct offices in Electra Burkburnett and Iowa Park.

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