Gun Show, Gun Control

Gun Show, Gun Control


President Obama's proposed executive order on gun control has some gun owners and gun sellers worried, but the ATF said nothing has changed; the government is only making clear when a license to sell is needed. Those selling more than a private collection must be licensed and conduct background checks.

Joe Tom White has been a gun show promoter for almost 40 years, and he says President Obama's executive order on gun control will have a negative effect on his business.

“If what he says comes to fruition you're going to have to get a federal firearms license to sell it to anyone who is not only cause prohibited but time prohibited,” said White.

He said he is not the only one concerned and has received more calls in the past couple of days regarding future gun shows.

White said these calls are from worried gun sellers who are trying to sell their merchandise quick. He explains what one gun seller told him, “every weekend I'm going to some sort of gun show somewhere in the United States to try to get as much money made as we can before they try to shut it down.”

ATF Public Information Officer Russ Morrison reassures gun sellers, there is nothing to worry about.

The government is not expanding on existing laws and is not making any changes to laws already in place.

ATF said the president only wants to make gun sellers aware they could be in violation if the federal law if they are selling guns other than private collections, for profit or consistently.

Firearm sellers who are need to become a licensed dealer or face Federal charges that can include up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

With more licensed dealers come more background checks. Some think this is a good thing, and believe all gun sellers should have to abide by the same rules.

White is said this is going to slow down the process to purchase firearms.

“The hard part is going to be that you have to call in to the FBI once you made a sale and give them the information they need. They'll say sale, don't sell or wait ,so it's going to overload the system,” said White.

President Obama said he plans on adding more FBI agents to perform background checks, and White hopes to see this happen.

White and many gun owners and gun sellers believe criminals do not buy guys legally or at gun shows,  

“They are already criminals, they already don't follow the law and those of us that are honest about it, we have to go ahead and get a license,” said White.

To learn more information regarding who needs to be licensed to sell firearms and who does not, visit the ATF's website

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