Time Warner Cable Breach: Cyber Security

Time Warner Cable Breach: Cyber Security

WICHITA FALLS-TX(KAUZ)- Time Warner Cable has announced a possible data breach for hundreds of thousands of customers. The FBI notified Time Warner Cable of the potential breach, according to Jeannette Castaneda, Public Relations Manager for TWC. Emails and passwords for around 320,000 customers may be compromised.

“Our understanding is that the compromise had nothing to do with TWC’s systems or processes,” said Castaneda in a statement released to Newschannel 6.

Time Warner Cable said email and password information were gathered through phishing attacks and malware breaches of companies that store information for the company, according to Reuters,

“Unfortunately in the world we live in now we're not going to completely prevent data hacks or breaches from happening completely,” said Monica Horton, President of the Better Business Bureau in Wichita Falls.

However, regardless of the avenue it was obtained, it has customers, like Charisse Wagner, questioning the safety of their information.

“I was shocked because I’ve shopped online,” said Wagner. “Right now I'm applying for a part time job and that's all done online practically.”

All the online activity is no surprise for Better Business Bureau President Monica Horton.

“We all want to be connected and that's just the nature of the way things are right now, but there are certain precautions you can take,” said Horton.

Horton said watch out for any red flags that could indicate identity theft, or things of that nature. You should also keep an eye on bank statements and credit reports, and look for any suspicious activity.

“Long strong passwords are the way to go,” said Horton. “You don’t want to use the same password for every single account that you have, you want different passwords and you want to change them frequently.”

That’s exactly what Wagner said she plans to do.

“I'm going to change my password, right away,” said Wagner.

Time Warner Cable said that they will individually notify any and all customers impacted by the potential breach.

Those impacted by the breach are recommended to change their passwords. You can head to  http://twc.com/emailpassword to follow those direction.

If consumers have questions they can contact TWC care team at 

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