Smoking Stadium

Smoking Stadium

Graham Independent School District has filed an insurance claim after portions of Newton Field caught fire yesterday.

Officials said this puts the stadium’s current renovation plans on hold.

Sonny Cruse, Graham Superintendent, said the district met with its insurance company to discuss damages.         

Cruse said the first step is getting a structural engineer to evaluate the concrete.

            “Anytime you have high degree of temperature or fire on a stadium or concrete it can significantly damage the concrete,” said Cruse.

Firefighters said depending on the damage the concrete may have to be patched up or replaced.

Cruse said nothing can be done until this procedure is finished.   

 The district is also working to find out the total cost of destruction.

            “We're going to be working with them to get an inventory list of all the equipment, and what it would cost us to replace that equipment,” said Cruse.

 Officials said they believe flames started in the storage room, and that there's some indication it was an electrical fire.

 The district adds they will not know for sure until the investigation is complete, and there is no exact timetable as to when repairs will begin.

Cruse said figuring out an outline is necessary.  

           “That is important because we do have a football stadium that we're going to have to do some repairs to in addition to the renovations we were already doing,” said Cruse.

Those renovations consist of adding more than 1,000 additional seats, and bringing the stadium up to the Americans With Disabilities Act standards.

Though the district is confident the repairs and upgrades will all get taken care of before kickoff.

            “We're confident that a plan will be developed to have a stadium in use, definitely in time for football,” said Cruse.

 Graham I.S.D said there has been no negative impact on students, and the next event scheduled at the stadium is the PK track relays will still go on as planned.

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