Saving Money, Saving Space

Saving Money, Saving Space

The Wichita County court system is changing the way it shares information by switching software companies.

Officials said the new service provider will save the county time and money by eliminating paperwork.

Taking care of court related matters takes time, but Wichita Falls County court officials want to shorten up their paperwork load, and your time spent at the court house.

Meredith Kennedy, the Civil Chief of the Wichita County District Attorney's Office, said the counties plan to switch to the integrated software provider; Tyler Technologies Software, will make this possible.

     “If someone in the jail arrest someone, we'll see everything about that person, from criminal cases that have been filed previously,” said Kennedy

This will help link all aspects of the court together. Kennedy adds, this will provide a more seamless control of their cases.

It will also speed up the process for people going through the justice system.

     “Clear the bonds that were on the case, and get the person out of jail, hopefully faster,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy said this new system can make legal proceedings, like filing a case in JP court much easier.

     “You just answer the question and it develops the pleading for you and files it electronically. You can do everything from home instead of having to come down and get the form and fill it out,” said Kennedy.

You will also be able to pay all fines at one location physically and online.

     “You can see all of those things that you owe. Whereas now you have to go to multiple offices to figure that out,” said Kennedy.

The new technology will cost the county $552,730.00 annually, but Kennedy said this is slightly cheaper than Wichita Counties’ current software cost.

She adds, by eliminating more than 55% of paperwork, the courts will save money on printing cost.

Wichita county entered into a five year contract with the software service provider, although converting all the paperwork into electronic files could take up to two years to complete.   

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