Archer City ISD Improvements

Archer City ISD


Archer City Independent School District lays the foundation for its new school and student’s future.

The district is making progress on the construction of building a two story high school and junior high that will be the new home of the Wildcats.

The $17,750,000 bond that is allowing the district to build the new school was passed in November of 2014 but only by seven votes.

Archer City I.S.D Superintendent CD Knobloch said, building a new school was necessary, and replacing the ninety year old building wasn't an easy decision..

            “It was wonderful it was historical it was beautiful to look at, but it wasn't conducive to modern education,” said Knobloch.

With a comparable price tag building a new school versus renovating the old one made sense financially. Knobloch saids the district had to ask an important question.

            “So do you want to spend 11 million on renovation or do you want to spend 11 million on a new building?” said Knobloch.

With these funds the district is able to make more improvements than planned.

Archer City I.S.D has already purchased new computers, bleachers for the gym, turf for the football field... and five new school buses.

“We took bids on the project in selected of firm and we came in a little under budget for what we anticipated,” said Knobloch.

 With these extra funds the district plans on renovating the cafeteria and school rest rooms this summer...

 After the concrete is finished being poured construction workers are scheduled to begin putting the frame work up where the new auditorium and band hall will be.

Officials said the students should start their next school year inside the new building.
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