WF Extends Distribution For Archer City

WF Extends Distribution For Archer City

The water situation in Wichita Falls in 2016 is completely different from what the city faced this time last year. In January of 2015 lake levels (combined levels from both Lake Arrowhead a Lake Kickapoo) were sitting at roughly 19% full. Today Wichita Falls lake levels are at or near 100% full. 

Many of the surrounding town's like Burkburnett, Iowa Park, Holliday, and Archer City buy water wholesale from Wichita Falls. Last week Wichita Falls approved a contract extension with Archer City. However, even if Wichita Falls were still in a drought Public Works Director Russell Schreiber said that the city would still have extended the distribution contract because surrounding towns don't have many other viable options when it comes to supplying water for residents. 

“We always ask them if they do have other options. Have you looked at well water, have you looked at connecting to some other supply somewhere? And the real problem is that there is nothing else here. There is no other surface water, there is no ground water of any significance, and there was not a lot of options for these surrounding towns," said Shreiber. 

Archer City is bound to the same set of rules and restrictions as any other water customer who uses water within Wichita Falls. For now, though Schreiber said that the main focus for Wichita Falls is completion of the IPR (Indirect Potable Reuse) project. Once complete the IPR project will take all treated waste water to Lake Arrowhead for storage and ultimate use. Giving Wichita Falls the ability to recycle and reuse as much as 12 to 16 million gallons per day. 

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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