Bowie Memorial: The Next Step

Bowie Hospital Fallout

Bowie Memorial Hospital Board Members are hitting reset on their plans to sell the now closed facility.

At today’s board meeting members voted to discontinue negotiations with the hospitals potential buyer, the Brough Group.

Board CEO Lynn Heller said the reason for this decision is the Brough Group does not want to purchase any of the hospital’s real estate; it only wants to operate the hospital.

            “The Brough Group’s model was that they wanted the authority of the board to open the hospital itself, and them manage it and then have an option to purchase it if things went well,” said Heller.

Heller said this was never an option for the board.

            “It gets us right back in where we were at before. The board doesn't have the money to operate and run the hospital,” said Heller.

He adds this change in the Brough Group's offer was brought to the board’s attention, only a couple of days ago.

The board said the next step is meeting with a broker that works with hospital investors who can facilitate the deals with potential buyers.

“We have an individual that has access to program investment type programs that have been very successful all around the state,” said Heller.

These programs would give the hospital's new owner access to federal dollars and grant funds.

Heller said the board could meet with the broker as early as Friday, and he hopes getting grant money will help bring in new potential buyers.
Bowie has run into some unfavorable situations due to the hospital being closed.  Although getting the hospital back up and running is the board’s goal, if no deal is made by March first the board will sell all of the its and go in a different direction. 

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