Upping Your Guard

Upping Your Guard

Within the past few days Wichita Falls has seen one robbery too many, and Wichita Falls Police Department says there are ways to lesson the likelihood of becoming a victim.

Sergeant Harold McClure of the WFPD said the first step is to stay alert.

“Be observant of those around you and of the environment that you're in. You need to be aware,” said Sgt. McClure.

If you are confronted by an individual who you believe intends to harm you, officers said the best thing to do is to  remain calm, do not fight back and do what they are telling you.

Sgt. McClure said there is also safety in numbers.

“When you're walking out to the parking lot at night have someone with you. Don't go out there by yourself, especially if you're carrying that nights deposit,” said Sgt. McClure.

Bryce Hinton, co-owner of Gun Co Arms in Wichita Falls agrees.

“We have strict guidelines that we follow here in our store. It's what we do all the time, not just closing not just opening.” said Hinton.

He adds in order to protect your employees and yourself, you must have the right tools.

“People will take advantage of you if you don't use what tools you can to protect yourself, your business and your customers.

Security cameras, good outside lighting and proper fencing are some of the ways Hinton protects his establishment, and WFPD said it can help business owners get on the right track.

“Store owners can reach out to the police department’s community service officer for tips on how to secure their business,” said Sgt. McClure.

 An official will come to your business and check the facility's landscape,security and lighting system. They will also inform the owner of what they are doing right and improvements that need to be made.

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