Clay County Cashing In

Clay County Cashing In

Clay County Sheriff's Office is cashing in on its efforts to hit the brakes on impaired driving.

It has been rewarded $3,000 from Texas Department of Transportation’s  Labor Day Impaired Driver Mobilization Campaign.

TxDot said it wants agencies to know it supports them and appreciates their increased efforts.

Kenny Lemons Sheriff of Clay County said he is thankful for this opportunity.

            “That's $3,000 worth of tax dollars that we do not have to spend,” said Sheriff Lemons.

Considering the agencies annual equipment budget is only $2,500, this will help out a lot. 

 Sheriff Lemon adds he knows just where to spend it.

            “This is a good opportunity to specialize and buy some really good cameras to put with our units that are in the field,” said Sheriff Lemons

This will give deputies the tools to improve their documentation and prosecution process.

Although Sheriff Lemons said Clay County does not have a lot of criminal activity, Highway 287 is a different story.

            “It just goes to show you that in a 17 day period what actually goes through Clay County and its some real bad guys,” said Sheriff Lemons.

 Within those 17 days Clay County Deputies wrote 29 speeding citations, seized three stolen vehicles, made four felony arrests and much more.

Tish Beaver, TxDot Traffic Safety Specialist said programs like this one can make local communities safer.   

            “The only way we can do that is community by community and Clay County is a perfect example of increasing that presence out on the road and increasing traffic safety enforcement,” said Beaver.

According to TxDot, the Lone Star State leads the nation in impaired driving and there has not been a day without a fatality on Texas roads since 2004.

It adds, programs like this one can help make a change by increasing law enforcement presence on the road.

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