Canyon Trails: The Debate Continues

Canyon Trails: The Debate Continues

The proposed ordinance to change a Wichita Falls residential development's current master plan is headed back to the Planning and Zoning committee.

Wichita Falls City Council members all agree the proposal for Canyon Trails needs to be reviewed in order to determine what the right move for the property is.

Wichita Falls Planner III Loren Shapiro said the latest discussion has been to remove the commercial aspect from the smaller land tract in order to allow single-family homes on the plot instead.

Shapiro said these revisions need to be evaluated before a decision is made.

            “By sending it back through the process planning and zoning can reassess on what they think will be right for the property,” said Shapiro.

This potential change is causing major concern for Canyon Trail residents who strongly oppose the shift.

            “With all the changes and all that's been going on it’s been a controversial case no doubt,” said Shapiro, adding the land’s purpose is what is most important.

            “It's about the land use more than just what is the value going to be as an impact,” said Shapiro.

Gary Meehan, the land developer of G.M. Properties said there is a demand for zero-lot homes, and building them on the estimated 134.73 acres is the best option.

Canyon Trail residents are worried these houses will decrease the value of their homes.

Officials said it is really hard to determine if this could happen or not, adding a significant analysis is required to make that decision.

            “Somebody has to do the research to determine is there really a relation to whether the values are going to go down or not,” said Shapiro.

The Planning and Zoning Committee will reevaluate the property and consider the proposed ordinance on February 10th.

If the committee decides to take action it will present the amended ordinance at the Wichita Falls City Council meeting on March 1st

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