Heart of Awareness: Monte's Journey

Heart of Awareness: Monte's Journey

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ)- It has been nearly a year since one Wichita Falls resident was given a second chance at life. After suffering for seven years with cardiomyopathy, a heart weakening disease, Monte Davila was given a new heart.

Now, it's the little things that Monte Davila is thankful for. Things like waking up in the morning and spending another day with his family.Something he was unsure of just one year ago.

 “Last year this time is when I had my trouble breathing, I couldn't really get around.”

He was placed on the heart transplant list in January 2015 and seven days later got the call.

 “I never forget when I laid down I prayed, and I said ‘God, I need a loan,’” said Davila. “[I] prayed that he would bless me with more life, with extended life.”

He said through faith and the support of his family, his prayer was answered.

 “If you have hope and you continue to be strong and believe in the impossible it will happen,” said Jeanette Davila, Monte’s wife.

 "It was a wild experience,” said Monte Davila. “When I finally opened my eyes, I looked up and the first words were ‘thank you, God,’” he said.

Along with playing with his children, and working at the church, he said he will continue to share his story of faith and encouragement to those facing the same obstacles.

 “I wanted to, again, be able to give someone else some sense of hope because there are some people who would not even think about getting a heart transplant,” said Davila.

Through the next phase of his journey Monte will attempt to contact his donor's family. During the transplant process, they gave the Davila's very little information. All he was told was that his new heart was half his age, making his donor someone in their 20's .

Despite the age of the heart he received, Monte Davila said normally the heart transplants will last about ten years. However, thanks to advancements in medicine his new heart could last around 25 years.

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