Tips For Taxes

Tips For Taxes


While you may be looking forward to getting your tax refund, some scammers are looking for your information.

The IRS estimated during the 2013 tax season over five million returns were filed using stolen identities, claiming about 30 billion dollars in refunds.

The Better Business Bureau wants consumers to know there are some common scams you need to be aware of.

The IRS reports fraudulent filing, phishing emails and phone scams are the top three picks for scammers.

Monica Horton, the president of the North Central Texas BBB said a lot of times the victim finds out their identity has been stolen when they go to file their taxes.

She tells tax filers not to expect emails from the IRS saying there is an issue with your refund.

            “We need consumers to know that the IRS is not going to communicate with you via email,” said Horton. 

They also will not reach out to you via phone.

 Officials said in 2015 the IRS phone scam was the most popular way for scammers to get access to your information.

The BBB said there have been many reports of IRS imposters calling to collect debt and threatening their victims with jail time if they do not pay up.

Liberty Tax franchisee Gene Nadeau warns this is a red flag.

            “The IRS almost never calls a taxpayer directly without first contacting by mail,” said Nadeau.

There are also other warning signs.

Tax agents claiming to increase your fund, not asking for receipts and basing their fee on a percentage of your refund should all raise concerns.
So how do you protect your refund?

File your taxes early and make sure you use a trusted tax professional.

            “Everyone who does taxes and gets paid for it should have a tax preparer identification number,” said Nadeau.

Also protecting your social security number and personal information is a must.

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