Jail Annex Roof Repairs

Jail Annex Roof Repairs

Wichita County Commissioners continues to search for roof repair solutions for the Wichita County Jail Annex.

The jail failed an inspection back in May of 2015, but commissioners said it is hard to keep a semi-flat roof from leaking especially in Texas weather.

State officials regulations give the county one year from the analysis to fix any issues, and County Judge Woody Gossom said the county is going over its options alongside the roofing contractor Johns Manville.

      “Putting a metal roof over it, going back to a TPO roof, we looked at spray foam,” said Judge Gossom.

 Commissioners said the plan is to fix the roof's expansion joints, but they will be taking on the financial burden alone.

Johns Manville contracting company objected to replacing the expansion joints, claiming it is not its responsibility.

      “They said that the contractor that time did something different and used a different material,” said Judge Gossom.

With this repair not being covered under warranty, the county will have to pay $40,000 for the work.

Other options like adding a metal roof will cost anywhere from one to 2.5 million dollars.

Judge Gossom adds the spray foam fix is not the best fit for the 173,000 square feet of repairs that is needed.

Brandon Wood, the Executive Director of the Texas commission on Jail Standards said a leaking roof can cause major issues for a jail.

Sanitary complications become a big concern along with the increasing possibility of accidents. Mechanical system errors can rise also such as smoke detector failure, and the electronic security lock system could be affected.

Other cost will include moving inmates from their cells while repairs are being made. Sheriff David Duke said when repairs begin some inmates will be moved throughout the jail, and some will be transferred out of county costing $50 a day per inmate. 

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