Electra Turmoil

Electra Turmoil

Electra City Hall was packed with citizens as they awaited the results of a petition to recall Mayor Pam Ward at tonight’s commissioners meeting.

Ward accepted the recall petition, although she said it is a waste of time and money.

            “They are recalling me for a term that is going to be expired,” said Mayor Ward.

Ward's mayor seat and Place 4 position will both be up three months from now, and she is not going to resign.

            “I will be here until that job is done, and I will do the best job that I can while I'm in this position,” said Mayor Ward.

 Another hot topic at tonight’s meeting was the recall of commissioners Kevin Byrd and Ricky Kelley.

 Mayor Ward said the commissioners recall petition is sad, and she has not seen a commission board as united as this one.

Citizens filed these petitions claiming Ward, Byrd and Kelley all display a lack of competency and are abusing their power.

Yet city officials said Electra's recall petitions do not have to show evidence of such behaviors and can be put in to place regardless of city official’s actions.

            “I feel like it should be used but for the right reasons not just because they don't like a decision that is being made,” said Commissioner Kevin Byrd.

He said this needs to change. 

            “It needs to be a little more descriptive. I think they are abusing the charter because they know there are all these loopholes,” said Byrd.

Although the amount of signatures on the petition shows a community that is not happy with its city official’s efforts, Byrd and Ward disagree with their claims.

     “We're going to be open and honest and upfront and we're going to do what is best for the city whether people are upset about it or not,” said Byrd.

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