Texoma Teacher Troubles

Texoma Teacher Troubles

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Following the allegations of an inappropriate relationship between a Graham Independent School District instructional aide and a student, some parents may question who is in your child’s school and are they eligible to be?

Teachers must be state certified but instructional aides do not.

            “You don't have to have a full college degree, no educators certificate, you're not with any specific licensing process,” said Graham ISD Superintendent Sony Cruse.

The district does take a look into aides criminal history including background checks, name researches and does a school employee fingerprint search.

Cruse said this incident that occurred is isolated, and he does not see any of these policies changing because of it.

            “All we can do is when some bad things happen react accordingly and protect our kids, and I feel confident we did that,” said Cruse.

He adds instructional aides are important to the Graham school system and community, and overall the system works.

            “They do a great service, they're very smart people, a lot of them have college degrees and they help teachers and the kids,” said Cruse.

Graham ISD officials said protecting students is the district's number one priority, and they must act accordingly to situations like these.

Although no policy changes will be made, Cruse said he takes allegations of this nature very seriously, and he believes the actions of the district spoke volumes of that.

The district said teachers and administrators on campus are keeping a close eye on students that were involved to make sure they are doing okay, and any student is able to speak to a counselor if they need to.

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