Jail Annex Roof Repairs

Jail Annex Roof Repairs


WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Wichita County Commissioners will spend $45,000 on roof repairs for the Wichita County Jail Annex.

Since the roof's seams were done by another company the repairs are not covered under warranty, but the reconstruction will get the building back in compliance.

County Judge Woody Gossom said a different route would have voided the counties warranty through the roofing company entirely, he adds this solution makes sense technically and economically.
 The $45,000 will be used to replace the roof's seams and to seal the penthouses. Judge Gossom said these repairs should hold until the counties three to four year warranty is up.
            “It’s the best solution for right now, but we know there will be other roof leaks to develop and have problems because of expansion and contraction,” said Judge Gossom.
Weather contributes to the damage of the 173,000 square foot roof, but Gossom said most problems are where air conditioning units have been added and other areas where mechanical equipment has been installed.
When the roof leaks inmates are usually moved. The county hopes after these repairs are finished and the other work covered by warranty is complete, this will not be an issue any more.

The other reconstruction is going to be covered under warranty; however no price tag has been established for those repairs.    

County officials are making these decisions with one thing in mind, the possibility of a new facility.

            “If we decide to build a jail downtown then I don't think we will put that money in to the jail annex,” said Judge Gossom.

 Commissioners hope to establish whether or not this will happen within three to four years.

The letter of engagement from the company that is doing the repairs should come sometime this week, and Judge Gossom said he thinks the work could be completed within six weeks.

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