Clay County Ambulance Personnel Protection

Clay County Ambulance Personnel Protection

CLAY COUNTY,TX- Clay County Commissioners reconsidered their decision to transfer resistant vests from the Sheriff's Office to the Clay County Memorial Hospital ambulance personnel.

The order passed four to one three weeks ago, but at the last Commissioners Court Meeting, Commissioner Johnny Gee made a motion to reevaluate this decision.

Clay County Sheriff Kenny Lemons said an ambulance crew member approached him with the suggestion.

The office has about twelve bulletproof vests, and said they are willing just to give them to the ambulance workers at the hospital.

            “To me it is just a way to facilitate getting some of the stuff out of our storage and off our inventory, and giving it to some guys that could use them,” said Sheriff Lemons.

Some of those vests cost up to $800 but are no longer under warranty, meaning the manufacture is no longer responsible for any malfunctions.

Commissioner Gee said he did not want to give the ambulance workers vests that are out of date and have no liability.

However, Sheriff Lemons said it is good to take precautions.

            “Our first responders face some of the same things we face on a daily basis, and I certainly would agree they need something,” said Sheriff Lemons. 

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