Bowie Memorial: What's Next?

Bowie Memorial: What's Next?

Bowie Memorial Hospital board members have made some progress.The board sold the old heritage building, but the biggest concern is still on the market. 

Hospital board CEO Lynn Heller said, as of now, there are three qualified people interested in purchasing the hospital.

All three of them own and operate rural hospitals. He adds these owners understand what it takes to run a hospital like Bowie Memorial, and have the knowledge of how to regulate the environment and the needs of the medical staff.

No formal bid has been submitted yet and it is not finalized if the hospital equipment, rehab facility, LVN school and laundry building will be included in the bid.

The accounts receivable could be a separate item to bid on and officials said they are giving the bidders a lot of information.

            “They're doing their due diligence so we're hopeful that we will get a legitimate bid,” said Heller.

As for the bids themselves, the board may not be taking the biggest bid.

            “Sometimes the best bidder might not be the highest bidder, but maybe the one with the most experience or maybe be the one that’s model fits the community best,” said Heller.

Bowie city council member Jim Graham said Bowie community members are suffering without a hospital, and people who need consistent medical care have to move.

Bids for the hospital will open on Monday February 15th, and board members will meet that day to go over the proposals.

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