Super Spending

Super Spending

Over 100 million Americans are expected to tune into CBS for this Sunday's Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco, California.

According to the National Retail Federation football fans will spend an estimated $15.5 billion in total for Super Bowl Sunday. The average American is expected to spend just under $82 on food, clothes and party favors.

An estimated 70 million pounds of avocados will be turned into guacamole in preparation for the big game. That's enough to spread a 12ft high blanket over an entire football field.

One of the biggest consumables for Super Bowl spenders is chips. According to the Nielsen estimated 166 million pounds of potato chips are expected to be sold. That's an estimated value of $644.7 million.

Nielsen also reports an estimated 49.2 million cases of beer will be consumed to wash down those salty snacks. If you converted cases (24 pack of 12oz beer) to gallons the number grows to 110 million.

Around 12 million Americans are expected to watch the game at a bar or restaurant. The National Chicken Council estimates that over 1 billion pounds of wings will be devoured during the big game.

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