Iowa Park Housing Development

Iowa Park Housing Developments

IOWA PARK, TX (KAUZ) - Iowa Park could be one step closer to expansion after City Council granted a letter of recommendation to both proposals for a housing development project Monday night.
It is a very competitive process and the developers were looking for a letter of approval from the city to give them momentum in the process.
Projects that can score high will have more focus and, most likely, only one project will prevail statewide. 
The two projects that got approved were Cornerstone Ranch Homes, which would be single family homes, and Hawks Landing, which would be an apartment complex.
Iowa Park City Manager Jerry Flemming says if one of those projects wins the bid, the city will get things moving.

"We would like to see someone score high on this. We would like to see the local community score high on it. But until someone is awarded it and starts coming to us and asking for permits, that's when we get real serious about it," Flemming said.

Hawks landing would be located in the 1500 block of Johnson Road, while Cornerstone Ranch Homes would be located in the 1800 block of Johnson Road. 
Both developers are proposing 49 units.
Flemming says the city wants jobs, housing and education all in Iowa Park so people do not have to move outside of the community.
This is the first year that Iowa Park has had more than one proposal. 
Despite it being early in the process, Flemming and the developers are optimistic that Iowa Park can land at least one of these projects.
Flemming says they are not trying to make Iowa Park into a large community, but they do want to grow at a controlled rate.
The deadline for the developers to have their application to the state is March 1st.

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