WFISD Board Considering Switching Start Times

WFISD Board Considering Switching Start Times

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The Wichita Falls Independent School District is considering switching the start times for students next year.

At a meeting Tuesday afternoon, the board of trustees will talk about possibly starting elementary schools at 7:45 am instead of 8:15 to 8:30. Dismissal would be at 3:10 pm.

The new schedule for junior high and high schools would start at 8:30 am instead of 7:45. Dismissal would be at 3:55 pm.

WFISD Communication Officer Ashley Thomas says they've already received both positive and negative feedback from parents.

"It's pretty much all across the board for different reasons," Thomas said.  "Parents are having to get to work at a certain time or they're having issues with after school transportation, but that's why we want to get input.  We want to hear everyone's sides. We've also seen those parents who are for it in the fact that it does help with teenagers getting a little more sleep at night and having a little more time in the evening."

Thomas says she is putting together parent input and will present it to the board for consideration. A final decision could be made at the February 15 school board meeting. Click here for more information on the start time change.