Date set for general & special elections in Electra

Date set for general & special elections in Electra


At Tuesday night's commissioners meeting Electra city officials set the date for the city's general and special election for May 7th.

The general election will give them the chance to appoint a mayor and commissioner place three and place four.

The special election is to fill the positions, bur some residents petitioned to recall Mayor Pam Ward, Commissioner Place 1 Kevin Byrd and Commissioner Place 2 Ricky Kelley.

Commissioner Kelley did not hesitate to show his disapproval for the recall election saying there is no reason for it.

Although Electra City Attorney Bruce Harris said the commission does not have to put Mayor Pam Ward’s recall on the ballot.

           “Because it's a moot point whether she gets recalled or not because her term is up,” said Harris.

Still the commission did decide to put it on the ballot.

Tonight one citizen did bring up her concerns about the extra costs.

Harris said this is not an issue since the general election is at the same time, and there should be only minimal additional costs. 

Another hot topic discussed at tonight's meeting, the city's 2015 annual financial audit.

A representative from the audit consultant company said the city is headed in the right direction. There have been improvements from last year, including $1,000,000 drop in the amount of total expenses and $300,000 in the police department’s budget.

            “We're doing what we said we would do and that is pulling us out of this financial hole that we are in. Bottom line we're in better shape than we were last year,” said Mayor Ward.

Ward did say she is running for mayor again, and she hopes those who doubted her will reconsider due to the outcome of this audit.

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