Clay County Sheriff's Office Cracking Down on Drugs

Clay County Sheriff's Office Cracking Down on Drugs

HENRIETTA, TX (KAUZ) - The Clay County Sheriff's Office is cracking down on criminals trying to transport drugs in and around the area.

Sheriff Kenny Lemons says there is a tremendous amount of marijuana traveling up and down the 287 corridor. He says the marijuana is mainly coming from states up north where it is legal.

"Sometimes it's not very hard to find it when you pull someone that's driving 96 mph and they're smoking marijuana when you stop them," said Sheriff Lemons. "Sometimes it's very easy. Other times, you just use your skills as an interviewer and see if they're traveling legitimately."

When asked the reason for the recent up-tick in drug busts, Sheriff Lemons says his guys seem to be in the right place at the right time.

"The increase amount of what we are catching, I think is just simply luck," said Sheriff Lemons.

Sheriff Lemons says his department is seeing more marijuana busts than ever before. In fact, one just last week involved not only drugs but a find of  $1.2 million in cash.

If a judge rules in favor of the sheriff's office in the case,  they could get a portion of that seized money.

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