Lent Begins

Lent Begins

WICHITA FALLS, TX - On "Fat Tuesday" the Catholics at Our Lady Queen Of Peace Church in Wichita Falls were bringing in homemade meals and deserts for their Mardi Gras Festival. For many Catholics "Fat Tuesday" marks the eve of Lent, a sacred fasting in remembrance of the 40 days that Jesus was said to have spent in the desert resisting temptations of Satan.

"You hear that we give up things. It's good that you give up things, because you discipline yourself and master temptation better," said Deacon Jim Bindel a Pastoral Assistant at Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church.

For the next 40 days and nights Catholics will abstain from certain pleasures or daily temptations. Deacon Bindel said the true goal of Lent is not to just make a simple sacrifice, but find a new way of life.

"If you can master it during the 40 days of Lent, if you can do something special, why can't you go the rest of your life doing it," said Deacon Bindel.

Some Catholics believe modern day Mardi Gras seems to be more about the secular instead of the spiritual.

"I think Mardi Gras has evolved into such a party and some people might have lost the meaning," said Catholic Mercy Sears.

As a lifelong Catholic, Sears said that she plans to stave off social media sites over the next 40 days.

"What I'm giving up is Facebook and that is a sacrifice because it is world leaping and being away from it is going to remind me that I am supposed to be concentrating on bigger things," said Sears.

Many in the church said that they were looking forward to the somber celebration of Lent before Easter begins. Lent ends on March 24th and Easter will be celebrated on March 27th.

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