Council consider annexing and second carrier

Council consider annexing and second carrier

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The Wichita Falls City Council planning workshop continued on Thursday, as city leaders discussed the possibility of annexing some land in the coming years.

Essentially, city leaders were discussing some growth opportunities just outside current city limits.

Their main focus lies with some current non-annexation agreement sites.

Namely, places like Howmet, and PPG that currently hold those agreements, but the contracts with those entities end in 2016.

City officials said they are preparing for the possibility of ending those contract and bringing that area inside city limits, but warn that if selected that option will take a lot of preparation over a lengthy period of time.

They are considering several other areas as well, but they are still researching, and additional analysis will be required for any of those projects.

Also discussed was an update on the initiative of having a second carrier at the Wichita Falls Regional Airport.

Officials said they are running into some road blocks with potential carriers. They said they've reached out to Southwest Airlines who would require at least 410,000 passengers a year, while currently the Wichita Falls Regional Airport sees only 52,000 passengers a year.

Another option was Delta Airlines or United, however the city would have to put forward one-to two million dollars as a revenue guarantee.

The third option is charter opportunities, something the city officials said they will continue to look into further. They also plan on working on what they call customer service problems for the airport all together.

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