WFISD Fresh Start

WFISD Fresh Start

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ)- It's been about a month since a new custodial cleaning service took over in the Wichita Falls Independent School District. It comes after a number of complaints were handed in to district officials regarding the cleanliness of classrooms last fall.

WFISD and Aramark went separate ways in January 2016. Since Aramark was removed and GCA  Service Solutions of Dallas took over, school conditions are getting better and the custodial staff is being held to a higher standard, according to school officials.

In Fall of 2015, faculty throughout the district submitted a number of complaints about the service being provided by Aramark.

Things like toilet paper, and paper towels were among a number of concerns.

“Making sure that trash cans are emptied, there's paper towels, there’s toilet paper in the bathroom,” said  Ashley Thomas, Communications Director for the WFISD. “I mean some of that, it's hard to put a price on. You have to make sure that those things are done for there to be the right kind of learning in a school.”

The cleaning in the fall was done so poorly the new company is still trying to catch up, according to Thomas.

The new service is also providing additional staffing, where Aramark had less than a 100 employees spread across the district, GCA Service Solutions has 118, according to Thomas.

“I know with GCA coming in they've had a lot to get started on coming in January, but so far, all of the results have been really positive from the campuses,” said Thomas.

However, the additional staff is costing the district $29,383.75 more per month, or about $352,605.00 extra a year.

The new company officially started around January 17th. Since GCA Services took over, district officials said they've seen a number of regional officials with the company inspecting the work. It’s something they said they never experienced with Aramark.

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