Graham city officials table request to sell alcohol at local event

Graham city officials table request to sell alcohol at local event

The Food Truck Championship of Texas returns to Graham June 4th, but one item on the menu last year may not be on it this summer, alcohol.

Graham's Convention and Visitor Bureau is presenting to city leaders a variance from the ordinance that prohibits the possession and consumption of alcohol in the city square.   

However, the request was tabled at Thursday's meeting because the full council was not there to vote on it, but a few people who opposed the approval were vocal about their concerns.

            “We like to have an environment and atmosphere that's conducive to family events,” said minister Bryan Bivens.

An official with the CVB said alcohol is not the main attraction or what the event is about. 

            “Overall the event certainly is family friendly, a great fun day and very beneficial for the community,” said CEO of the Graham Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Krisa De La Cruz.

De La Cruz adds, she understands the concerns of those who oppose and reassures there will be a specific area for alcohol consumption and purchases.

Some people who are against it said alcohol changes the environment, and they will not be in attendance if it is being sold.

The city is not going to be selling the beer and wine or making a profit from it, and the variance will only allow a restaurant to serve alcohol on city property for the event.      

The Texas Food Truck Champion will bring in about 8,000 people to Graham, and will benefit local retailers and other businesses.

The item is expected to be on the agenda at the City of Graham’s next council meeting in two weeks.

CVB officials said no matter what happens it will still be a good event for the community. The championship will have 50 food trucks this year, and a performance by Texas country star Pat Green on the day the winner is announced.

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