Texoma girl raises money from drawing to help homeless

Texoma girl raises money from drawing to help homeless

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ)- Instead of spending Valentine's Day just munching on treats or playing outside, 7-year-old Reece Berry spent the day putting in some hard work.

“Today we are going to be giving out bags that she bought,” said Jamie Berry, Reece’s mother. “The Church Without Walls gave us a list of items that were needed for bags that they go out into the community and give.”

They spent the day Sunday handing out 40 different Valentine’s Day goodies to the homeless and those in need throughout Wichita Falls.

“You know everybody is exchanging valentine’s with their loved ones today, well you know, a lot of these people never received a valentine’s, so what a great thing to do for them,” said Dwayne Mckee, Pastor at Church Without Walls.

Reece Berry raised nearly $400 to buy goodies for those bags by selling copies of a picture she drew. However, the idea all got started after Jamie Berry asked what she would do with the lottery winnings, and Reece’s response was to give to those in need.

“We didn’t win so we tried to do a bake sale, but that didn’t go so well,” said Reece Berry. “I asked my papa by saying ‘papa, papa would you like to buy a picture? It’s $5.10,’” said Berry.

Her papa said he would buy the picture from her, then her sales just kept coming.

“We couldn’t be more proud of her at this early of an age to want to reach out to the community and to already want to help,” said Chad Berry, Reece’s Father.

“I hope something like that, keeps catching and takes hold,” said Benjamin Lukens, a bag recipient.  

She wants to continue to help the people in need so we will continue to help as long as we can,” said Jamie Berry.
If you want to help, Reece Berry is selling copies of her picture for $5.10. You can call 214-734-4258.

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