Opportunities for students pursuing oil & gas industry careers remain available

Opportunities for students pursuing oil & gas industry careers remain available


Journalist Robert Bryce is coming to Midwestern State University Thursday to help inform people about the energy industry and why we need more of it.

With a large number of layoffs in the oil and gas industry some students may be worried about their future in the energy field, but professionals say coal is not going away and the use of natural gas will continue to grow.

Rebecca Dodge, Environmental Science and Geology Professor at MSU said Bryce will be giving a realistic take on energy use and will show that there is still a great future for those who are interested in careers in pursuing geology and the oil and gas industry.

Many students who are fueling up their future are still optimistic about their careers in energy resources even though the oil and gas industry is experiencing a downturn.

Jeff Dillard, President of Cobra Oil and Gas, who has ties to the university said oil and gas will always be a necessity.

            “It's important that we inform the public about the energy industry and the benefits of it and what we do for the economy,” said Dillard.

He adds, although renewable energy like solar and wind are important, these resources are not as reliable as natural gas and coal and a back up energy will be needed.

Professor Dodge said oil and gas provides nearly 80% percent of energy consumption in the United States, while renewable sources make up less than 20-percent.

As the natural gas industry grows, jobs in this field will not be going away, so experts said a career in geosciences is a smart move.

            “Going into a career in geology right now, you have a long future of being able to find and produce valuable resources for this country,” said Dodge.

Journalist Robert Bryce’s presentation will be held this Thursday at 3:30 pm for the MSU community and again at 7:00 pm for the public in the Dillard building at MSU.