Archer City's Royal Theater Presents "God of Carnage"

Archer City's Royal Theater Presents "God of Carnage"

ARCHER CITY, TX (KAUZ) - The first theatrical play in more than a year will begin a two-weekend run Thursday night at the Royal Theater in Archer City.

The theater will be showing the production of the Tony Award-winning dark comedy called ""God of Carnage." The story-line is based on the lives of two families whose children are involved in a bullying incident. At first, the parents start dealing with the situation in a civil manner, but the situation escalates from there.

Director Greg Pollock says he decided to do this play because it's unique.

"As myself directing, I like to do something that's different than every other thing, said Pollock.  "I know that a lot of the areas like to do family oriented shows and things like that, which are great, but I also like to see us do other things that appeal to a wider range of audience. "

Pollock recommends those in attendance be 15 years and older because of language.

"God of Carnage" will run Feb. 18-20 and again Feb. 26-27 starting at 7:30 p.m. each night. It costs $15 for general admission. To purchase your tickets you can call (940) 574-2489 or head to the Royal Theater website.

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