Candidate 2016 Profile Ray Gonzalez

Candidate 2016 Profile Ray Gonzalez

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Current Wichita County Commissioner for Precinct 1 Ray Gonzalez is running for re-election. Commissioner Gonzalez is a native of Wichita Falls, part of the many communities that are located within Precinct 1.

Since 2008 Commissioner Gonzalez has been proud to represent his precinct and he's eager to run for re-election. One of the many issues at the top of Commissioner Gonzalez list is to address infrastructure and over population problems at the Wichita County Jail. Gonzalez said that he's against raising taxes to pay for a completely new facility and that the current upgrades will do enough to meet state requirements.

"Of course the big hot topic was the jail, but we've addressed a lot of those problems and we are getting there," said Commissioner Gonzalez.

Because Wichita County is home to so many veterans and Sheppard Air Force Base Commissioner Gonzalez said that he wants to do more for our military. Wichita County offers a wide variety of services for veterans, but many are not fully aware of how much help is available.

"That is what I push for is to get our veterans involved and come in and get the material and then come back and apply for our veterans services," said Commissioner Gonzalez.

Since he first took office Commissioner Gonzalez has been able to cut his Precinct 1 budget by 36% in nearly eight years. Commissioner Gonzalez was able to cite the amount of money saved the county recently saved this past year.

"$200,000 and it was not because we cut services or cut on repairing our roads, it was using new products that can do the same job for a whole lot less," said Commissioner Gonzaelz.

If you would like to learn more about Commissioner Gonzaelz and his run for re-election you can click this link HERE.

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