Wheat Prices Not Looking Good For Local Farmers

Wheat Prices Not Looking Good For Local Farmers

VERNON, TX (KAUZ) - The rain across Texoma on Tuesday is much needed as winter wheat crops prepare to break dormancy.

Professor & Extension Economist Stan Bevers in Vernon says even with water in stock tanks the top soil is starting to get dry and wheat prices aren't looking good.

"We're starting to get dry as the drought monitor has kind of been telling us," said Bevers.

Cash wheat prices are below four dollars a bushel. Bevers says it's going to require about $5.50 to put in a crop and harvest it.

"If I'm sitting here trying to grow wheat and harvest it for a wheat crop I'm not going to make much money on it. Matter fact, I'm going to lose," Bevers said.

That could lead to a challenging year ahead.

"Anytime we have low prices like this for a sustained amount of time, the way most farmers and ranchers overcome that is trying to have the highest production they can get," Bevers said. "Moisture has to help us, the good Lord has to help us bring the moisture. High production will help us offset some of these lower prices. "

In the North Texas area and in Southern Oklahoma the crop insurance pull off date is March 15. Crop insurance helps protect farmers if their yields are low.

Bevers says those with stocker cattle on wheat pastures need to start deciding now whether to keep cattle out on the fields or pull them off. 

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