Archer County has six candidates running for Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 Place 1

Archer County has six candidates running for Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 Place 1


Six candidates are running for the Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 Place 1 position in Archer County.

Tuesday night in Holliday a meet the candidate forum was held, and all the candidates said they are qualified for the position and ready to take on the job.

Ken Wheeler said when it comes to qualifications he has fifty years of experience in all levels of the courts except the Supreme Court. He adds voters should choose him because he is more than qualified.

Gerry Ayres has been a court clerk for twelve years and said she goes through training every year and strongly believes in equal opportunities.

She wants to help kids and adults who may find themselves in the court system.

            “You can give them the opportunities to learn from their mistakes and to make better choices in life,” said Ayres.

Corky Scarbrough is another candidate who has a passion for young adults. He wants to help those who make poor decisions choose a different path.

He adds, he has been preparing himself for the job.

            “I've studied on it, and I never worked this hard to get a job as I have this one,” said Scarbrough.

Kenny Lyons said he has an extensive background in law enforcement and is familiar with the court system. He adds, he is ready to hit the ground running and hopes voters will elect him because of his qualifications and dedication.

Johnny Morris said he is the most qualified.

            “Because of my previous law enforcement career consisting of 43 years. 29 years with the Department of Public Safety and 14 years as Chief of Police of Electra,” said Morris.

Morris said he would be fair and honest, and he has worked with those in the justice of the peace position in the past.

Bennie Schlegel wants voters to know he has a lot of respect for law enforcement, and loves working with kids.  

            “We're going to work hard to get things done and to get back on track. We had an unfortunate incident that got us into trouble and we're going to move on from there,” said Schlegel.
The justice of the peace office came open last November after the former Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 Place 1 plead guilty of theft. All six candidates running for the position are Republican.
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