The family of a teen organ donor meets transplant recipient for the first time

The family of a teen organ donor meets transplant recipient for the first time

One heart brought two families together for the first time today in Wichita Falls as a transplant recipient met his donor's family.

Thursday afternoon Mike Wendt, who received Shon Blair's heart, met the family of the young man who saved his life.   
            When seventeen year old Shon Blair chose to become an organ donor, nobody knew he would be saving seven lives, and his sister Breon Blair said she has never been more of her brother.

Wendt said he is so grateful of Shon Blairs selflessness.

            It means I got the chance for my life to go on,it just means the world to me, said Wendt.

The Blair family feels the same.
            It's just such a blessing to know that people can continue their life because of the sacrifice our son had to make, said Vicki Blair, Shons mother.
Although you can never escape the pain of losing a loved one, Blair's sister said hearing her brother's heart beating felt like she was giving him a hug one more time.

The Blairs and the Wendts said they have gained so much from this experience, including a new family.

Wendt said he feels like a brand new man after struggling with his heart condition for five years and thanks Shon Blair with every beat of his heart.
I'm so thankful that somebody cared enough and something like this could happen, said Wendt. He then looked up and thanked Shon Blair, God bless you man, thank you. I'm going to do right by you.     

The two families said they will be keeping in touch, and the Blairs hope to meet more of the people Shon has helped.
s mother said losing a child is the hardest thing anyone will ever have to go through, but seeing someone’s life go on because of her son has helped her and her family cope with their loss.

Shon's mother, father and sister are all registered organ donors, and they hope Shon's story will inspire others to continue to give even after they have lived.
According to the Southwest Transplant Alliance said more than 120,000 thousand people nationwide are waiting for a transplant, and 21 people die every day waiting on a life saving gift.
You can become a registered organ donor by going to

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