Prepping For Future Performance

Prepping For Future Performance

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Texoma is welcoming world renowned Violinist Benjamin Beilman as he performs with the Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra at the Memorial Auditorium downtown on Saturday night.

The WFSO began as a volunteer organization in the 1920's, today it's comprised of 70 professional musicians. They usually perform with special group and solo artists like Beilman. But one man is responsible for making sure the musicians have their music.

"That's right, I'm the Librarian," said Wayne Bennett, WFSO Librarian/ Violinist.

Bennett has played violin under three different conductors with the WFSO since the 1982. Bennett's job as WFSO Librarian requires him to sift through the countless files and folders filled with all sorts of orchestral works that the WFSO has performed in their history.

"I enjoy when we do pop stuff with all the movies. You know all the John Williams type stuff in particular is fun, but of course on the classical side, I really some of the Beethoven and some of the Dvorak," said Bennett.

Today Bennett will be handing the musicians and conductor the music for the April 16th performance.

"That is what this is right here is their folders and the last song is Sarabonbe," said Bennett.

While the WFSO has acquired a large selection of music from past performances, some pieces can not simply be pulled from the library music archive.

"Some things we buy some we have to rent because they do not print them anymore this is a rental that just came in like yesterday so last minute stuff," said Bennett.

So if you're interested in seeing the WFSO perform live this Saturday at Memorial Auditorium in downtown Wichita Falls Bennett has this to say.

"The people that play in the symphony is very very trained musicians and the guest artist are world class you just do not get to see them everyday around town so it is a good experience," said Bennett.

You can buy your tickets on the WFSO website by clicking the link below or buying them in person from their box office at Memorial Auditorium or at the Kemp Center For The Arts located on Lamar Street in Wichita Falls.

If you would like to learn more information about the WFSO or buy tickets as stated above click HERE!