Texoma Votes 2016: Two Attorneys battle it out for 97th District Attorney position

Texoma Votes 2016: Two Attorneys battle it out for 97th District Attorney position


Two candidates are running for the 97th District Attorney covering Montague, Clay and Archer. 
Paige Williams is the incumbent
, but divorce and family lawyer and previous assistant to Williams, Casey Polhemus is hoping to take her spot this upcoming election.
She said she has three years of experiencing working as the assistant at the District Attorney’
s Office and feels this is her biggest qualification.

Williams' experience consists of twelve years working as an attorney.

Although both candidates may not agree on who is more suitable for the position, they do have similar plans if elected to office, and that is to re-establish the drug force.
Originally it was done by the DEA with the help of local law enforcement officers, and now I think we have enough trained law enforcement officers that we can do it our self, said Williams.
Polhemus admits the drug problem is an issue that needs to be solved and has a solution. 
I think a lot of the seizure money should be used for that purpose. Dump it back into law enforcement, get them better equipment and get them better training, said Polhemus.
Bringing child perpetrators to justice is another priority for these candidates.
Williams said this is one of the best parts of her job as district attorney.
I think the best highlight is a hug from a child after you get a life conviction against their perpetrator. I'm going to keep working hard for them doing everything i can to ensure justice is done, said Williams.
Polhemus feels she has experience working with children due to the cases she has took on at her own divorce and family practice, and from her time spent at the district attorney's
She adds she does not feels as though punishment for violent crimes is harsh enough.
The violent offenders, murderers, child molesters and that kind of thing I feel should have been tried, and I'm going to go to trial on those, said Polhemus.
These candidates are passionate about making a difference in their community and the criminal justice system.
Williams wants voters to focus on experience and knowledge, while Polhemus wants voters to look at the outcomes of Williams' past cases.

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