United Way VITA In Action

United Way VITA In Action

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The North Texas United Way Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program has helped over 1,700 north Texans get back over $2 million in income tax refunds.

"That is just amazing, it does not county the tax prep fees if they had gone to a Preparer," said Genevieve Anderson

The VITA program provides free income tax assistance to those making under $62,000 a year. Anderson said the goal is to help as many as 3,100 individuals before the April 18th filing deadline for income taxes. But Anderson is not working alone, she has plenty of help.

"We are Americorp NCCC, it is the National Civilian Community Corps. We are working with the North Texas Area United Way doing free tax preparation," said Theda Aaron.

Inside the Christmas In Action building at 1113 Sheppard Access Road there are multiple other members of the Americorp NCCC all working to help everyday people file their income tax. Steven Haerry is one such person.

"They did not charge me a thing, they did an awesome job, they are very kind, and they walked me through it showed me everything that they did," said Haerry.

Anderson stresses that people come prepared with all the proper paperwork so that the filing can be as quick and easy for the prepared as possible.

"Make sure that you have all your documents, your social security cards for everybody on your tax return, all your w-2's, 1099 r's, Social Security statements, and everything," said Anderson.

While Aaron is a trained Preparer she still verifies her work with one of the two supervisors.

"Our team leader Andy did a tax project last year in Denver so he has a lot of experience. He's great, so he quality reviews. Also, our sponsor, Genevieve Anderson, quality reviews as well. So everything is double checked and sent off," said Aaron.

While that process may add a little more extra time to Haerrys income tax, he said that he does not mind.

"They want to make sure everything is right, they make sure that every I is dotted every t is crossed. So I mean I did not have a problem with that," said Haerry.

You can find your nearest Vita Office by calling 2-1-1 or locally (940)322-8638. You can also visit the United Way North Texas website HERE!

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