Homework Stress

Homework Stress

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Homework still plays an essential role during a child's education in grade school, from 1st to 12th the workload increases with each level. According to the National Parent Teachers Association, said that too much homework for a child could cause too much mental stress.

Miranda Havins is an Instructional Math Coach for Wichita Falls Independent School District, she works at Ben Milam Elementary School. Havins said that as long as children are able to grasp the teachers, curriculum and concepts in the classroom, they have a higher chance of finishing their work at school or lowering how much they need to complete when they arrive home. Havins job is to help make sure the students understand what their teacher.

"I use a program that I follow that involves pre test post test and if I do not see any progress, then I go back and address those specific skills," said Havins.

By using games to review the district and teachers benchmarks Havins is able to target specific skills that the child might be having trouble with. That way Havins is able to help the child bridge the gap from the classroom to the area of need. But according to polling by Havins more than half the teachers at BME believe that homework is still essential in a child's education.

"I do feel like homework has a place, but I also feel like everybody leads such busy lives now that it is a lot to ask for a kid to have hours of homework a night because sometimes that is the only time that they have with their family," said Havins.

While you don't want to overwork your child Havins reminds parents that repetition curriculum and concepts outside the classroom is key to ensuring educational development. Havins also suggest to open up communication with your child's teacher or teachers and regularly discuss what the child is going and home. That way Havins said that you and the teachers can work as a team to help your kid.

The NPTA advises and Havins agrees that parents use what is called the 10 minute rule for homework. That means that a 1st grader should not have more than 10 minutes of homework per night. That time increases with each level so a 12th grader for example, should have no more than two hours of homework when they return from school.

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