Many Gather To Help Clean Up Camp Perkins

Many Gather To Help Clean Up Camp Perkins


Many people joined forces Saturday in Wichita Falls in an effort to clean up Camp Perkins in time for the spring camping season. Students from Texas Tech University traveled three hours to whip out the shovels, rakes and power tools for a good cause.

“Last fall, I got a phone call from Texas Tech University,” said Jeff Bryant, Interim Scout Executive for the Northwest Texas Council in Wichita Falls. “They called us and said that they had a service organization that wanted to come out and do some work, and obviously we could always use some help out here at Camp Perkins. I thought we would probably get 10 to 15 kids to come out here, but when they showed up last weekend to check things out they said they were bringing 80 kids, so we were absolutely excited about it.”

Camp Perkins is a very special place for many in the boy scout community.

“We camped here as kids, so obviously over the years we’ve lost some trees,” said Ty Thacker, Executive Board member with the Boy Scouts. “One of the projects today is, we are planting 200 pecan trees to create shade, beauty and even revenue for the council.”

There were ten different groups out there Saturday, working on ten different projects. Everything from pecan trees, to planting the orchard, and clearing the creek.

“Alpha Phi Omega is based on the Boy Scouts,” said Elijah Hellman, President of Alpha Phi Omega Beta Sigma at Texas Tech University. “We were founded by Eagle Scouts who have moved on to college and we believe in giving back to the community. Every semester we have a work weekend where we go to a Boy Scout camp or a Girl Scout camp and we do whatever the camp director needs us to do.”

Something that the local organization leaders say was much needed.

“The college kids out here are working tremendously and they are learning a lot of life skills,” said Adele Lewis, Board member at the Boy Scouts. “They are learning team work, leadership, they are also learning how to give back to their community and that’s something that we need more in this world.”