Joint election will be held for Nocona City Council and School Board this May

Joint election will be held for Nocona City Council and School Board this May
Voters in Nocona will only have to fill out one ballot come May thanks to an agreement between city leaders and the school board.
This decision comes less than a month after school board members made the decision to move forward with the bond election, and means the district and the city will be splitting the election costs.
The total expense comes out to be about $6,000 dollars, but city officials said a joint election is cost-effective for both parties who will split the cost right down the middle.
Nocona city officials said they support anything that is good for their town and that includes giving voters the option to pass the $15.1 million dollar election bond proposed by the Nocona Independent School District.
It's the public's opportunity to vote or not vote against the school board and the school that they want to build, said Don Davis, Nocona City Council member.
        School district officials will use the bond to build a new high school and competition gym, but they have one goal in mind, improving student safety and security.
Right now the classrooms and facilities are spread out causing students to walk outside to get to buildings and some even need to cross the street to get to class.
The new school would also add some much needed technology updates.
Many Nocona residents agree, these improvements need to be made.
The school is not prepared for growth and the technology is not there. We need to get there, said Ken Coop.
        David Duncan attended Nocona high school and agreed the school is not built for growth and is excited about the chance of a new competition gym
Sports are a big thing in this town would be great for the kids, said Duncan.
However with the bond comes a tax increase.
If you own a $100,000 dollar home you will pay an additional $390 dollars a year,but many residents said they are still on board.
There's not really a good time to raise taxes and we need to do it for our kids, said Coop.
City officials said now the bond is now in the hands of voters.       
We'll get through it one way or another if the taxes go up will pay them and if they turn it down will wait a while and try to do it again someday, said Davis.
        Residents living in the Nocona school district will make the decision to pass or deny the bond during the general election held on May 7th.

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